Things You Should Know Before Having Your Air Conditioner Replaced

Posted on: 20 March 2023

Every air conditioner eventually breaks down and needs to be replaced. There are HVAC companies that will come do the replacement for you. All you really need to do is let them know which AC unit you prefer and perhaps answer a few questions for warranty purposes. But if you're someone who likes to understand what's happening in your home, you might want to know a little more about AC replacement and what it involves. Here are some key things that are good to know before having your AC replaced.

Almost all new air conditioners are energy efficient.

Sometimes a homeowner will ask their HVAC contractor for an energy-efficient air conditioner. Years ago, it was important to specify as some models used vastly more energy than others. But these days, almost any air conditioner on the market is going to be very energy efficient, especially when compared to your current, older unit. The difference between the energy efficiency of two modern AC units is likely to be minor. Efficiency is a huge priority in the HVAC industry, so if your contractor recommends a certain AC unit, you can bet it's an efficient one.

You might have to have a new vent pipe run.

Older air conditioners sometimes vented through a chimney. New ones almost all vent through a smaller PVC pipe. If your current AC vents through a chimney, your HVAC contractor will need to run a new vent pipe for your new AC unit. This might mean they need to place your new AC in a slightly different location than the old one so they can run the vent pipe in a convenient area. The vent pipe usually comes out a few feet above the ground, so think about where it would be convenient to place it.

It's often best to replace your furnace at the same time.

If your furnace is also older and will need to be replaced soon, consider replacing it at the same time as your AC unit. This will be less work for your HVAC contractor, so they will not have to charge you as much for labor. Some HVAC companies even offer discounts to customers who schedule both an AC and a furnace replacement.

Knowing this information should make it easier to navigate the process of having your AC unit replaced. If you have any other questions, reach out to an air conditioning contractor.