An Important Heating Service Is To Clean Dust And Soot Out Of Your Furnace To Prevent A Malfunction

Posted on: 2 February 2023

Your furnace may need a variety of heating services during its lifetime, but one of the most important is cleaning the equipment. Parts will need to be replaced too, but cleaning needs to be done more often or your furnace may malfunction or operate inefficiently. Here's why cleaning is important and how this heating service is done.

Why It's Important To Have A Clean Furnace

If your furnace gets coated with dust inside, parts may not be able to work as well and this could cause your furnace to overheat and shut down. The blower could also get hard to spin, and that could burn out the motor.

A dirty combustion area is especially bad since dirty burners may not operate or light properly. Plus, a build up of soot and carbon could cause a delay in lighting the furnace that leads to a build up of gas that can blow soot out of the furnace when it finally ignites. The vibrations from the mini-explosions could crack the heat exchanger, which is one of the most expensive parts in your HVAC.

How Furnace Cleaning Is Done

An essential step in furnace cleaning is to change the filter regularly. You don't even need a heating service to do this for you. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for how often to change the filter so dust stays out of the equipment.

Another important part of the furnace to clean is the blower, and that will probably require a professional from the heating service to do. They'll probably need to dismantle the blower so they can clean out the individual fins to get rid of all the dust. When the blower is clean, it does a better job of circulating air throughout your home.

Cleaning the combustion area is important for safety reasons. The heating service technician may need to use a brush to scrub soot and carbon off of the parts in the area so they can ignite quickly and burn cleanly. The technician may need to vacuum out the furnace to get rid of all the dust, soot, and debris so it doesn't get pulled onto working parts and cause them to malfunction.

One last part of the heating system to check is the thermostat. The technician may lift off the cover to make sure there are no bugs or dust inside that could keep the thermostat from working properly. They may need to clean and test the thermostat to verify it's functioning properly and ready for daily operation until it's time for another service check.

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