Learn About Your Furnace And Proper Servicing And Repair Practices

Posted on: 27 October 2022

As soon as the seasons begin to change and that cooler weather appears, you'll start depending on your furnace again. Since it's likely sat for a large part of the year, you'll want to make sure you have a technician come service it before you start using it. You can learn more about the importance of annual servicing, as well as repair issues to watch for, here: 

Why annual servicing is so important

There can be so many things that could have happened to your heating system during the year that you're unaware of. A worn part could have finally broken, pests may have gnawed at wires, or something else could have gotten into the system and caused damages. 

If you start running the system when there is something wrong with it then more problems can happen, the system will work harder and use more resources, and there might even be a big risk of a fire breaking out. The technician will go over the furnace system to make sure it's clean and all in good working order. Once they give you the okay, you can use it with the peace of mind that it's working just how it should. If there are problems to be found, then the technician will find them and repair them for you. 

What to watch out for when the furnace is on

Getting the go-ahead from the technician is great. However, this doesn't mean that there can't still be repair issues that can come up at any time. The sooner you recognize there is a problem and have it repaired, the better the chance will be of you keeping the repair costs down and preventing other problems from occurring due to the extra wear being placed on the system. 

One of the signs that something is wrong with the furnace is if it’s suddenly making sounds you have never heard come from it before. Some noises that you may start to hear when problems arise can include:

  • Scraping sounds that can indicate there's a problem with the blower wheel
  • Screeching sounds that can indicate problems with the blower, the bearings, and/or the motor
  • Banging sounds that can mean there are any number of possible problems from dirty burners to broken parts

Another big sign that there is something wrong with the heating system is suddenly having a problem keeping the whole house heated the way you are normally able to. Some things that can cause this problem include one or more leaks in the ducts, a duct that's being blocked, or there is an issue with the furnaces cycling. Having an HVAC service such as Intermountain Plumbing & Mechanical come out right away can get the furnace up and running correctly again and prevent other problems.