4 AC Issues That Can Result In Your Circuit Breaker Tripping

Posted on: 7 September 2022

An AC that causes your circuit breaker to trip can be an annoyance, especially during the hot season. Notably, the AC breaker is responsible for protecting your unit from damage by turning it off when there's an overload. This measure also helps keep you and your household safe because an overloaded circuit can cause a fire outbreak. Nonetheless, a constantly tripping circuit breaker indicates a problem with your unit, requiring immediate attention. This guide explores some possible AC issues that may cause your AC to trip continually.

The Air Filter Is Filled With Dirt

An AC air filter with a heavy buildup of dirt and pet dander can cause the circuit breaker to trip because the dirt on the filter restricts airflow. If this is the case, your AC overworks to facilitate proper air circulation around your home, causing the breaker to trip. An effective way to deal with this issue is to change the filter frequently. Enlist AC repair professionals to ensure this is done effectively without damaging any components.

The AC Compressor Has Difficulty Starting

Like most AC parts, the compressor requires electricity to operate. However, due to wear and tear, e.g., from aging, it may experience difficulty starting up. As it strains to do so, it requires much energy, causing your breaker to trip. When you notice that your compressor is hard-starting, call an expert technician to resolve it. In some cases, they may fit a hard-start kit to address the issue. On the other hand, they may have to replace the compressor if it is too old.

You Could Be Having Freon Issues

The purpose of your AC Freon is to remove warm air from your home and circulate it to the outdoor unit. So, your air conditioner has difficulty eliminating the heat if you have a refrigerant leak. In such a case, it will likely pull a lot of energy, which causes your circuit breaker to trip. Moreover, Freon exposure may cause serious health complications after exposure. This is why you should speak to a trained AC repair professional in case of leakage.

There's a Short on The AC Motor

Your circuit breaker may trip if the AC motor has a short. Understand that if the AC motor runs longer than usual, the wire inside starts to break and causes a short circuit. This occurs when electricity doesn't follow its usual pathway, causing more current to pass than the wire can handle. Ultimately, the motor wiring overheats, causing the breaker to trip to prevent a fire outbreak.

If your circuit breaker constantly trips, call an experienced AC repair technician to ascertain whether the abovementioned culprits are behind your problem. Timely, professional intervention is crucial in ensuring that you don't face major problems down the road.

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