5 Concerns That Will Make You Call The Furnace Repair Service

Posted on: 27 July 2022

Several things could go wrong with your furnace. Some can wait, and the heating system will function but not at optimal levels. However, some problems can cause serious damage to your home or put you in danger. If you notice any of the following concerns with your furnace, you need to call the furnace repair service immediately. Here are some alarming concerns that should tell you to contact a repair technician immediately.

1. The Carbon Monoxide Detector Has Raised an Alarm

If your carbon monoxide detector goes off, it's a serious matter. You should evacuate your home immediately. Don't re-enter your home until the emergency service has said it's safe. Call the heating repair technician to find out the problem and have them fix it as soon as possible. 

The most likely explanation for a CO leak is a cracked heat exchanger, allowing unburnt gases to escape. Repairing is effective for small fissures, but replacement is advisable when the cracks are extensive.

2. There Is No Heat When You Crank Up the Thermostat

If your home is not getting warm even when you have the heat on, your furnace likely has an issue. The thermostat could be out of calibration or dead. If you have a smart thermostat, diagnosis is easier because they have an interface that shows these alerts. Anyway, the furnace technician will test the thermostat to check whether it's functional or out of calibration. 

3. The Heater Is Cycling Faster Than You Expect

Does your heater power on and off faster than usual? It could be a problem with the heater's power problem. Several things could be wrong with the electrical system, including tripped circuit breakers, blown fuses, or a loose connection. You need the furnace repair technician to examine the whole electrical system to ascertain the problem. 

4. The Power Bill Has Shot Up

One of the first things you'll notice when your furnace starts to act up is an increase in your energy bill. If your unit is constantly running, it will cost you more money. While you expect the bill to rise during the cold season, a sudden spike is a cause to call the technician. 

5. There is a Burning Smell

A burning smell should be very concerning because it usually points to a motor overheating and on its way out. Switching off the heater won't solve the problem. Call a technician to test the motor's power consumption. Sometimes the damage is too gone, and you must replace the motor.

The furnace is probably the most crucial appliance in a home in the cold season, and a failure means your family is at risk. Repairing furnace faults safeguards your family's well-being and also saves your money. Call furnace repair services immediately if you have one of the concerns above.