4 Common Mistakes That Contribute To AC Failure And Recurrent Repairs

Posted on: 11 July 2022

Air conditioning units make hot seasons bearable. However, a few mistakes could prevent your unit from functioning at its peak. This piece will guide you on ways to care for your AC unit to avoid breakdown and unnecessary repairs. The following are common mistakes that lead to AC failure, demanding expensive and unnecessary repairs.

1. You Don't Have a Smart Thermostat

Once in a while, you might forget to turn off or lower the settings on your air conditioning unit. During that time, your air conditioner will run for a long duration and might develop a problem. Professionals recommend switching off or adjusting temperatures when no one is in the house. This can help save energy and preserve your unit's motor.

Since it is hard to remember to adjust your system regularly, you could install a smart thermostat. Newer thermostats can be integrated into your smart home system so you can switch off the unit remotely. You will preserve the system and avoid frequent repairs.

2. You Have the Wrong AC Size

When purchasing an air conditioning system, many homeowners ignore the size. It is a common mistake that they regret for many years. If you buy a system that is too big, the air conditioner will keep turning on and off when regulating temperatures, wearing out quickly.

A system that is too small overworks, trying to keep the air cool in your home and might eventually break down. Consider paying attention to the system size and choose the recommended unit to avoid constant repairs.

3. You Hire an Inexperienced Installer

If you have a window air conditioning unit, choosing the perfect location is quite important. And that is why you need an AC repair contractor. Placing it directly below a sunny spot will force the AC to work harder than usual. The extremely hot conditions may crank up the AC, distorting its readings. Therefore, ensure your unit stays in a cool spot. Outdoor units should be cleaned regularly and installed away from shrubs and trees to avoid blocking airflow. Ensure the vents are not obstructed to allow free flow of air.

4. You Constantly Cool Empty Rooms

Pros recommend installing AC vents in rooms you use regularly to improve energy efficiency and avoid burdening the system. Cooling empty rooms lead to energy wastage and wear out the system. Consider closing vents that drive air into empty rooms. Close closets and seal windows that may swallow the conditioned air supplied by your system.

These tips provide a great place to begin if you are learning ways to care for your air conditioning and avoid unnecessary repairs. If your AC system develops a problem, reach out to a repair contractor near you.