Frequently Asked Questions About Air Duct Cleaning

Posted on: 8 April 2022

An HVAC system contains air ducts that deliver air to your unit for cooling or heating. Also, the ducts direct air from your heating or cooling system to the rest of your building. Since ducts play an important role, they require proper maintenance. One way of ensuring proper duct performance is by cleaning them. However, you may not understand how to go about the cleaning. Fortunately, these frequently asked questions (FAQs) about air duct cleaning provide deep insights into the process.

How Is Duct Cleaning Beneficial?

Cleaning your duct system has numerous benefits including:

  • Health preservation

Foreign particles in the air like pet fur and dust may settle on your HVAC unit over time. Therefore, even if your HVAC filters eliminate these particles, the clean air coming from your HVAC unit may collect the dust or debris as it flows through the ducts. These particles are allergens that trigger allergies after inhalation. Fortunately, duct cleaning removes accumulated dust particles and debris. This ensures a supply of clean air, protecting your health.

  • Energy bill reduction

When dirt fills your ducts, it may cause a blockage. A clogged HVAC unit may strain when working and consume more energy. This may cause your energy bills to spike. Thus, duct cleaning prevents clogging, maintaining the proper performance of your HVAC system. This improves energy efficiency.

Duct cleaning is essential to enjoy these benefits.

Is DIY Duct Cleaning a Good Idea?

Hiring professional duct cleaners may seem costly, and you may prefer DIY cleaning to save cash. However, avoid DIY cleaning as you may lack the proper equipment for the job. In return, you may perform a shoddy cleaning job, or damage your HVAC system. You may also sustain bodily injuries during the cleaning process

Duct cleaning companies possess the right skills and tools to clean your air ducts. Besides, if the professionals damage your HVAC unit, their insurance company may compensate you for the loss. Also, if the professionals get injured as they clean your air ducts, their insurance may pay for their medical treatment.

After How Long Should You Clean Your Ducts?

There is no defined period after which you should do duct cleaning. Nevertheless, consider cleaning your air ducts frequently to prevent your HVAC system from clogging. Also, your duct cleaning company can help you create a reasonable cleaning schedule so that you don't skip the process for too long.

The common FAQs about duct cleaning establish the pros of duct cleaning, the frequency of the cleaning, and whether you should perform DIY duct cleaning. Understanding these FAQs will help you undertake your HVAC duct cleaning project more confidently.

For more information on air duct cleaning, contact a company near you.