Seven Big Issues When Timing Your AC Unit Replacement

Posted on: 10 September 2021

It's important to replace your AC unit when necessary so that you can effectively and affordably cool your home to stay comfortable. However, you can often solve AC issues through repairs rather than a complete replacement.

Deciding when to completely replace your unit is a big decision you should make after analyzing numerous factors. The following are seven big issues to look into when timing your AC unit replacement. 

The amount you've had to pay for repairs

Keep track of how much you've been spending on AC repairs lately. If the costs are really adding up, it might be less expensive to simply replace your unit rather than keep paying for repairs. 

The utility bills you're having to pay to keep your AC running

An AC unit that's in need of replacement may start running less efficiently. This can cost you a lot in increased utility bills over time. If your utility costs have been increasing, it may be because you need a new AC unit. 

The age of your AC unit

Hopefully, you're aware of the projected lifespan of your AC unit. AC lifespans can vary widely depending on what AC unit model you have and how well you've maintained it. If your AC unit is as old as its projected lifespan, it might be a good time to purchase a replacement AC unit. 

The inconvenience you're having to deal with as a result of your AC unit

A malfunctioning AC unit can make everyday life less convenient. Are you frequently having to adjust your thermostat or have repairs done for your unit? If so, replacing your unit could make comfortably living in your home much easier. 

The ability of your AC unit to keep your interiors at a comfortable temperature

When the weather's hot, you need your AC unit to work properly so that you can keep your interiors comfortable. If you're having trouble getting the temperature down in your home despite frequent AC repairs, you should probably simply have your AC unit replaced. 

The interior air quality in your home

An old AC unit can be contaminated with dust and other substances so that it detracts from the interior air quality of a home. When this happens, it's a good idea to replace your unit. 

The household budget you're working with

Of course, you can't replace your AC unit until you can afford to do so. An AC unit replacement is a considerable investment. You should expect to pay at least $2,500 for a new AC unit. 

For more information, contact an AC contractor in your area.