Beyond The Leaky Faucet: Repairing Plumbing Leaks And Problems Before Winter

Posted on: 23 July 2021

If you need to have a leaky faucet repaired, it might not be the only plumbing repair that needs to be done. Sometimes, this can be a sign of wear, and there might be other leaks and problems that need to be fixed. So, you probably want to have these issues looked at before winter—especially if you also rely on a radiant heating system. The following leaks and plumbing problems are some of the issues that you might need to have repaired:

Common Fixture Leaks That Need Repairs

There are common plumbing fixture leaks that you will have to deal with throughout the year. These are often leaking at faucets or the drains beneath the sink, but they are not the only plumbing fixtures that leak. Some of these leaks can be costly, such as a leaking toilet that is constantly using water and causing you to have higher utility bills.

Dealing With Leaking and Sweating Pipes

Sometimes, the issues with plumbing and moisture are not actually due to leaks at all. There are also problems that arise when pipes are not properly insulated. This can cause them to sweat and make them vulnerable to problems during cold weather. Therefore, it is important to make sure pipes are well-insulated wherever it is needed. In addition, there might still be issues with older pipes that are just wearing out and have leaks that need to be repaired too.

Issues With Radiant Heating System Plumbing

The main problem with a leaking radiant heating system is the water that is still in the pipes when it isn't being used. This water can cause boilers to overheat, plastics to break down, and even cause structural damage. Inspecting the radiant heating system for leaks is a good practice when having other problems repaired. You might want to drain and close the radiant heating circuit when the system is not being used during warm weather.

Other Plumbing Problems to Check When Repairing Leaks

In addition to leaky faucets, there might be some other issues with your plumbing that need to be addressed. These can be problems like drains not working properly or inspecting backflow prevention devices to ensure they are working properly. You might want to have the plumbing contractor check these issues before they leave when they are doing repairs to leaky faucets and other problems.

When it comes to plumbing leaks, these issues can cause serious issues with water damage and more severe winter plumbing problems. Contact a plumbing repair service to deal with these issues before they get worse and the weather gets colder.