5 Reasons For A Weakly Performing AC Unit

Posted on: 29 June 2021

Weakly performing air conditioners don't move a lot of air through the vents, and often the air they do move isn't very cold. 

1. Damaged Duct Work

Weak airflow can often indicate that air isn't traveling from the system to your vents properly, and the cause is often damage to the ducts. If a duct is loose or blocked, then air won't travel through it properly or it may leak into the walls before it reaches the room to be cooled. A duct inspection can locate the problem spots in your ducts so they can be repaired. 

2. Failing Blower Assembly

Issues with the blower are also common. If the motor is failing, it may not turn the fan as quickly to achieve maximum air movement. Poorly lubricated fan bearings or a dirty blower can also lead to poor air movement due to friction issues. Fan blades can also break, which further reduces air movement. Sometimes repair is as simple as having the blower cleaned, lubricated, and adjusted. 

3. Clogged Filter

A clogged filter will reduce the amount of air that is pulled through the AC, which means there is less air to flow out after cooling. The most likely culprit is a dirty air filter, which can easily be replaced with a new one. In some cases the issue can be dirt in the filter housing. In this case, you need to use a vacuum with a hose attachment to clean out the filter housing before replacing the filter. Make sure the filter is made to fit your AC. Those with smaller pores than the AC can handle will also reduce air flow. 

4. Dirty Outside Unit

Dirt on any part of the exterior unit may reduce air being pulled through the system. Dirt and dust can collect on the exterior vents or condenser coils. Weeds, debris, and overgrown grass can also crowd the unit and reduce air flow. Hosing off the unit itself to remove dirt, along with cutting back plants and cleaning up debris, will increase air circulation. 

5. Low Refrigerant

A refrigerant leak results in warmer air from the AC, but it can also lead to weaker air flow. This is because the outside coils on the unit are more likely to freeze up if refrigerant levels are low. An AC tech can diagnose the problem and repair the leak in some cases. If the AC is older, it may make more sense to replace the unit. 

Contact a residential air conditioning repair service if your unit is performing weakly.