What to Know When Replacing Your AC

Posted on: 23 February 2021

Your air conditioning system won't last forever, even if you do maintain it well. Eventually, your air conditioning system will start to wear down after years of cooling your home. If you notice unequal cooling in your home, unexpected noises coming from your AC, or if your cooling costs have been rising, it's probably time to look into an air conditioner installation. Here are three things that you should know before you decide. 

The Cost of a New System

The cost of a new air conditioning system will depend on the size of your home and the power necessary for cooling your home. The good news is that HVAC contractors are pros at calculating what size air conditioning system will work best for your home. Your contractor will also be able to point you to systems that will meet your needs and fit within your budget, but knowing how much air conditioner installation costs ahead of time can be helpful. Most homeowners spend in the range of $3,000 to $7,000 for air conditioning installation. If it looks like you'll need a new system sooner than later, you'll want to go ahead and start saving.

New Ducts May Be Necessary

Another thing you should know about AC installation is that there is a chance that your current ductwork will not work with your new air conditioner. If this is the case, your existing ductwork may need alteration, or replacement may be necessary. Before the installation begins, your HVAC contractor will let you know if new ducts are required. New ducts and vents cost, on average, $10 to $20 per linear foot. 

It's a Good Time to Upgrade Your Thermostat

Thermostats are something that you will also want to consider upgrading when replacing your air conditioner. It can be tempting to save money and keep your old thermostat. However, there are various benefits to new models. Smart and programmable thermostats are easy to use and can help you save on energy bills. You'll pay somewhere in the range of $150 to $400 for a new thermostat installation. Before installing your new AC system, make sure you consider whether or not it's also time to upgrade your thermostat.

If you are looking into replacing your home's AC, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, your new system will set you back at least a few thousand dollars, so start preparing for the cost as soon as your system shows signs that replacement is necessary. You may also want to replace your ducts at the same time you get a new air conditioning system. Finally, this is also an excellent time to consider upgrading your thermostat.