3 Tips To Keep Air Conditioners Happy And Healthy

Posted on: 5 August 2020

During the summer and well into the fall, you may rely on your air conditioner for fresh, dehumidified air. Unfortunately, air conditioners can fail, just like any other home appliance, so it is crucial to do everything you can to keep that device happy and healthy. Here are three tips to keep your air conditioner in great physical condition for as long as possible.  

1. Track Your Usage

The time you use your air conditioner can play a significant role in how your system does as the years march on. Occasional air conditioning use is the best for your AC unit, but it is not always feasible, depending on where your home is located and the upcoming forecast. Fortunately, you can take steps towards lowering your overall usage and minimizing air conditioning problems by tracking your usage. 

While tracking your air conditioning may have been hard in the past with manual systems, modern thermostats make the task incredibly straightforward. These systems are designed to keep tabs on when you run your air conditioner and what you can do to limit your costs, with some even offering eco-friendly settings that reduce your usage. Keep track of when you run your air, and try to run it less frequently to take the strain off of your system. 

2. Focus On Maintenance

Routine, ongoing maintenance is critical for any mechanical object, but especially one with the moving, computerized components an air conditioner offers. To keep your system as clean and healthy as possible, focus on routine, ongoing maintenance, such as replacing the air filter, cleaning the air exchanger coils, and having a professional perform routine inspections and tune-ups. 

3. Keep The Area Around Them Clean 

The exterior components of your HVAC system are critical to the function of your system, so do what you can to keep the area around your system as clean and well-maintained as possible. Remove shrubs, bushes, and grasses from around your air conditioning system, and focus on taking care of any new growth in the area. Spray herbicide is a great way to kill new growth, protecting the delicate fins and fan blades from inside your air conditioning system. Try to limit watering in the area to keep new weeds and plants from sprouting quickly. 

While air conditioner maintenance can seem challenging, making the changes you need to identify and resolve ongoing problems can make all the difference in the world. Check in with your air conditioner regularly to spot things that could become an issue, and be open and honest with contractors about what you have noticed.