Signs You Need Electrical Services To Protect Your Home

Posted on: 9 January 2020

If your electrical system is a bit older, you might have a problem with tripping circuits every time your heat or air conditioning turns on. This is a problem that can lead to a fire hazard if you are not careful. You might notice that your lights flicker when someone is walking on the second floor, which is another sign your home needs some electrical work. Whether you have an older home that hasn't had the electrical work updated in decades, or you have recently purchased some new appliances and are having a problem, it's time to contact an electrical contractor to come and see what is going on with your electricity.

When Circuits Keep Tripping

When a circuit trips every once in a while, this can simply mean the circuit was temporarily overloaded. If your furnace is working too hard for a mechanical reason, it might trip the circuit all the time until the furnace is either replaced or repaired. A circuit that has too much plugged into it will need to be evaluated, and an electrician may need to rewire some of your home to allow you to use all of the appliances you have. Tripped circuits indicate either a problem with your electrical system or with something that is plugged into it.

If Lights Flicker When There's Movement

When lights flicker in your home when people are walking around or the weather outside is windy, you have loose wiring somewhere in your home. In old knob and tube wiring, this was a common problem that led to house fires all the time. While knob and tube wiring has been mostly eradicated, it still exists in some homes. If you have an old home, it's possible that you have this type of wiring somewhere in your home. Pay attention to flickering lights, warm spots on your walls, and light switches that seem to get hot when they are on.

An electrician can take a careful look at your wiring system throughout your home to find any problems when you keep tripping circuits. Your heating and cooling units draw quite a bit of power and can cause circuits to break if too many things are on at once. When a furnace or air conditioner has an electrical problem, it can trip the circuit and nothing will be wrong with the circuit itself. Get problems with your electrical work checked out by an electrician as soon as they are noted.