HVAC Maintenance Tips For Homeowners With Pollen Allergies

Posted on: 17 March 2019

If you love the beautiful weather and flowers of spring but don't love the sneezing and watery eyes that come along with pollen allergies, then you are certainly not alone. Spring allergies are the bane of many peoples' existences because they can really make you miserable. While other people are out enjoying a spring concert in the park or a day out hiking with their kids, you are stuck at home blowing your nose and feeling sick.

Since there are plants and grasses producing pollen all over the place in the spring and it's impossible to avoid it, it's important you take all of the necessary steps to banish as much of it as possible from your living space. The best way to accomplish this is through keeping as much pollen out of your HVAC system as possible. Any pollen spores in your home will continually recirculate through your HVAC system when you run the heater and air conditioner and this will continue to aggravate your seasonal allergies.

To maintain your HVAC system in the spring and eliminate pollen spores in your home, follow each of these tips.

HVAC Maintenance Tip: Replace Your Regular Furnace Filter with a HEPA Filter

Regular inexpensive furnace filters don't adequately filter out pollen spores because they are too small to be trapped in their mesh. When you suffer from seasonal allergies, you need to replace the regular filter with a HEPA filter. You can purchase a HEPA filter at your local hardware store and while they are more expensive, they do a fantastic job and are worth the added cost.

HVAC Maintenance Tip: Limit the Amount of Pollen Spores the HVAC System Is Exposed To

Unless you are blooming flowers in your house, all of the pollen spores in your home come from the outdoors. While you can't control the outdoor environment, you absolutely can take steps to control the number of pollen spores in your home. And, with fewer spores brought into your home, there will be fewer spores to blow around with the HVAC system.

To control the pollen count in your home, take each of these steps:

  • Take off your shoes before entering your home

  • Use your HVAC system instead of opening your windows

  • Don't empty your vacuum canister indoors

HVAC Maintenance Tip: Have Your Heating and Air Conditioning System and Its Ductwork Professionally Cleaned

Lastly, while you may be tempted to visit your doctor for assistance with your seasonal pollen allergies, calling out your local HVAC repair technician might very well be a better option. By thoroughly cleaning the HVAC system and its associated ductwork, the repair technician can greatly improve your indoor air quality.

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