3 Ways to Improve AC Efficiency

Posted on: 4 February 2019

If you are a homeowner, you probably dread getting your monthly bills. In fact, you probably do everything possible to reduce your consumption of electricity and gas. But simply turning down the thermostats often isn't enough to reduce your HVAC expenses. It is often necessary to make a more significant investment into your home in order to actually make a dent in your utility bills. This article explains three small investments you can make into your HVAC system to encourage long-term efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Annual Checkups

The most fundamental and affordable investment you should make into your HVAC system is to have it serviced once a year by a professional. Usually, an annual checkup is only going to cost about $100. You can often find deals for half that if you are shopping around. Most of these visits will include a basic cleaning that is going to promote the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning. This is not to say that you will instantly see an increase in the efficiency of your heater. But, if you don't invest in this basic maintenance, you can expect that your utility bills will get larger year after year. You generally end up saving money when it comes to prevention. That is, an HVAC system that is regularly serviced is less likely to need expensive repairs in the future.

Booster Ducts

Booster ducts are another option that can save you some money. These are ducts that have electronic fans to propel the air throughout the duct system. The end result is that your home heats more evenly when these boosters are strategically installed. For example, if you add a fan to a section of the ducting towards a room that usually doesn't receive as much airflow, you can even out the heating and cooling throughout your house. That is, you won't have some rooms that are super hot and others that are super cold during the winter.

Cleaning Your Condenser

If you are a little more ambitious when it comes to DIY projects, you should consider cleaning your condenser unit once a year. The condenser unit is outside of the house, and it is responsible for pumping air into your home when your AC is running. So, if you clean the outside of the condenser by just spraying it down with a hose, you can make it more efficient. When the condenser is clean, the heat transfer is more efficient so that your system doesn't need to use so much energy. This is an easy job to do during the summer and could have a big effect on how much it costs to cool your home on those hotter days.

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