Want To Get Healthier In 2017? Focus On Your HVAC System

Posted on: 24 February 2017

How are your New Year's resolutions going? Was one of them to get healthier? Maybe you've quit hitting the gym every day or eating more veggies like you swore you would -- but it's not too late to do something good for your health in 2017. One way to improve your health is to focus on your HVAC system. Here are three ways to make your home a healthier place.

Install a dehumidifier.

Many homes become too humid, especially in the summer. This is bad for your health because it perpetuates the growth of mold, which can cause a huge array of health problems from allergic reactions to nausea. There are whole-home dehumidifiers that can be worked into your HVAC system and will operate without you even knowing it. However, you can also opt for a portable dehumidifier. This is a small appliance about the size of a large microwave. You plug it in, and whenever the moisture level in your home climbs too high, it pulls moisture out of the air. You empty the water tank every few days as it fills up.

Have your ducts cleaned.

The ducts that carry heated air through your home are probably layered with dust and dirt on the inside. After all, most homeowners do not clean them regularly. Whenever your heat kicks on, this dust ends up all over your home -- and you breathe it in. This can cause itching and sneezing, along with eye irritation. Many HVAC companies offer duct cleaning services for a couple of hundred dollars. It's money well-spent since it will improve your health and also keep your home cleaner. The service should only take a few hours.

Change your air filter.

If you still have a basic fiberglass air filter in your furnace, it's time for an upgrade. This type of filter grabs onto the large dust particles to keep your furnace clean, but it does not always catch pet dander, pollen, mold spores, and other allergens. To catch these items and improve the health of your home, you need a HEPA filter. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air, and this style of filter will catch even the smallest particles -- like fungal spores and even many bacteria.

To learn more about improving your air quality and therefore the health of your home in 2017, talk to an HVAC contractor like Thermotech Inc in your area. In just an afternoon, you can have much cleaner air and feel like you have met those New Year's resolutions after all.