Lower Your Air Conditioning Costs

Posted on: 17 January 2017


When summer comes around and temperatures rise, you know it's about time to switch on the air conditioning. The bills for keeping your home cool can climb quickly, especially if you're new to living on your own and don't know how to conserve energy. Here are some simple ways and some new ideas to bring down that AC bill and become more energy efficient. 

Keep It Closed

First of all, be sure to keep windows closed whenever the AC is running. Otherwise, heat will keep entering the home and cool air will escape. In some climates, it's cooler in the mornings and evenings, so you can turn off the AC, open the windows, and use fans during those times. In cases where it's hot all day, make sure you also keep blinds or curtains closed all day. Curtains and blinds of lighter colors deflect more of the sunlight. You can also find special reflective shades for your windows.  

Use Fans 

Fans are highly useful for keeping the house cool. Even when not blowing cool air, the feeling of moving air can provide evaporative cooling to your body. One article reports that the fans can make you feel up to seven degrees cooler. Ceiling fans are best for circulating air all around the room, but box fans placed at chest or head level can also be effective. In some cases, fans might be all you need. In other instances, using fans in combination with air conditioning is a good idea because the cool air will circulate better.  

Set the Right Temperature

Most homes or apartments that come with central air have at least one thermostat which can be set to the desired temperature. If you use window units or otherwise have no thermostat, they can be installed by air conditioning services. It is best to keep the temperature as high as possible while remaining comfortable. The desired temperature should be lowered a bit at night. A blog notes that seventy to seventy-five degrees (Fahrenheit) is the desired temperature range of most Americans. This source also estimates that there is a one percent difference in your electricity bill for every one degree you adjust the thermostat. For example, you could lower the electricity bill by 5% if you keep it at 75 compared to 70 degrees.   

Note on Window Units

If your home uses window units for air conditioning, consider buying a high-efficiency unit. Efficiency for window conditioners is measured and rated by the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, or EERE. According to an article about green air conditioning, you should try to find a unit with an EERE rating of 10.7 or better. Also, be sure to buy the right sized unit for the window. Otherwise, a lot of energy will be wasted. 

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