3 Spring Cooling Tips

Posted on: 23 February 2016

Spring is in the air, so it is time to switch from heating to cooling. The way you open up your home and prepare your cooling system in spring can help determine how well and how efficiently it will run throughout summer. The following tips can help you begin the cooling season on the right foot.

Tip #1: Clean Your Window Screens

This is a must if you have a swamp cooler, which works best with an open window for ventilation. It's also a good idea if you have a traditional air conditioner, as well, since in spring you may be more likely to open a window rather than turn on the unit. Winter dust and debris clogs screens. Simply pop out each spring and hose off each side on a sunny day. Allow them to dry in the sun before replacing them in the window. While the screens are out is also a good time to wash the windows.

Tip #2: Vacuum Out Your Vents

Hot air rises, so your air conditioner tends to blow out air from the vents near the ceiling and then uses a return air vent near the floor to pull in fresh air for cooling. These vents and returns can collect dust and debris during the off season. Simply unscrew and remove the cover and vacuum out the duct with the hose on your vacuum cleaner. Large wall returns sometimes have a filter fitted behind them – depending on the type, you can either vacuum it clean or replace it with a new filter.

Tip #3: Check the Main Unit

Leaves and debris often make their way into your AC unit over the winter months. Shut off power to the unit. Unscrew and remove the main case over the unit. Then, use a shop vacuum to suck out any leaves that have collected in the center. You can then hose off the condenser coils on the unit, which are the metal vents, to remove any dirt or dust. Check the hoses and pipes inside the unit for any visible damage or signs of leakage. If you find anything, you should call out a technician like one from R & K Contractors Inc for service before the cooling season officially starts. Finally, put everything back together. Trim back any plants that are growing against the AC and rake up any leaves that collected around the unit in winter. Keeping the area clear of debris results in a more efficient AC.