Ways Your Home May Be Fighting Your Efforts To Keep It At A Comfortable Temperature

Posted on: 25 August 2015

The best scenario for you and your family when it's hot or cold outside will be being in a comfortable home with low energy bills. However, this may not be the case. When the heat or cold air you generate in your home is allowed to escape, it makes your HVAC system work harder to replace that lost air. This puts more wear and tear on your system and raises your bills. This article will point out ways your house may be fighting your best efforts to keep it at a comfortable temperature.

Attic access openings

Attic access openings will provide a pathway for air to go to and from if the access door isn't fitted properly or is missing. In the summer months, the attic holds a lot of heat from the roof and an open attic access will allow that hot air to come right into the living area. In the winter months, especially if there is snow on the roof, cold air will pour in from the attic. Make sure the opening is sealed tightly so you can avoid this leakage.

Pet doors

Pet doors are located low to the ground and they can often be in an area of the home where they aren't always visible. If your pet door gets left open, it can cause a lot of the air in your home to escape. If there is a chance of your pet door doing this, you may want to consider closing it off for the season.

Thin windows

Thin windows also help you lose your comfortable temperature. The hot or cold weather outside can penetrate through the windows and defeat your best efforts for creating a suitable temperature inside. If having double-paned windows installed isn't feasible, you can offset the leakage by putting up thick curtains and keeping them shut.

Direct sun exposure

Rooms that get a lot of direct sunlight during the heat of the day can be extremely hard to keep cool. You may want to plant some trees to shade that part of the house. You can also have an awning installed to create shade.

A malfunctioning HVAC system

An air conditioning or heating unit that isn't working correctly can make it hard to bring your home to a good temperature. It can also raise your energy bill since the unit will be working harder. If you have any reason to believe your HVAC system isn't working as it should, you should have a professional repair person, like those from That Service Company, come out right away. Putting off repairs will lead to more uncomfortable days and nights, more wasted money and it can lead to more expenses in repair bills if the problem worsens.