4 Ways To Prevent Major Air Conditioning Repairs In The Summer

Posted on: 26 May 2015

The warmer weather that comes with summer is often reason enough to be using the air conditioner more often than the rest of the year. In order to be confident that your air conditioner will run efficiently throughout the summer, you'll need to take the time to look into what kind of maintenance is the most important for proper running of your AC.

With the following tips in mind, expensive repairs can be avoided and your air conditioner can continue running smoothly throughout the summer.

Make Filter Changes a Priority

The filter in your air conditioning unit is responsible for trapping dirt, pet hair, and other debris, making it one of the most important features in the unit. In order for the air conditioner to continue running at its full efficiency, you'll need to make routine filter changes an important habit of using the unit.

Along with making routine changes of the filter, you may want to look into whether you need a specific kind of filter due to having pets or living in an area with a lot of wind that could kick up a lot of dirt into the air. 

Don't Run the Air Conditioner 24/7

When it's hot outside, it's tempting to keep your air conditioner on at all times when you're home. The problem with this is that it could make your energy bills much higher than you're comfortable with and even lead to the air conditioner having problems due to a high amount of use. By turning off the air conditioner during the night and using it less on cooler days, you can reduce some of the strain on it.

Keep Obstructions Away from the Unit

If your air conditioner is located outdoors, it becomes so important that nothing is pressed up against the unit. Your landscaping could pose a threat to the air conditioning unit if you're not careful, making it a good idea to keep plants away from the unit and have the area around it free of obstructions.

Take Some of the Work Off the AC

Along with simply shutting off the air conditioner when the weather permits it, look into other ways that you can cool down your home. Some good options include blackout curtains and landscaping that will provide more shade for the interior of your home.

As you explore the various ways to keep your air conditioner in good shape, you can determine if any professional servicing, from a company like R & B Heating & Air Conditioning, is required. With the information above in mind, your air conditioner can continue running at its best throughout the summer and you won't need to worry about pricey repairs.